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Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood?

Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood?

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In the Hollywood film industry, the presence of stars in the region, as well as the pressure of multi-ethnicity, is an opportunity for Asian stars to showcase all of their talents. Let’s delve deeper into this by asking, “Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood?

1. Ali Wong (Vietnamese – Chinese)

Ali Wong

Ali Wong is the first Asian actress to be introduced in Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? She appeared in the latest film in the DC Extended Cinematic Universe, Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn’s Glorious Makeover.

Ellen Yee, a Gotham prosecutor and the ex-girlfriend of Inspector Renee Montoya, is played by her (Rosie Perez). Although there isn’t much time for Ali Wong to appear in the film, he has a long history in Hollywood as an actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and inspirational speaker.

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California, is where I was born and raised. Ali Wong is the fourth and youngest of four siblings. Adolphus Wong, her father, is Chinese-American. Tammy Wong, his mother, left Vietnam in 1960 to study in the United States.

Ali studied Asian and Asian American culture at the University of California, Los Angeles before discovering acting and theater at the club. Ali spent about a year before graduating living and studying in Hanoi and learning Vietnamese.

She has appeared on several well-known shows, including The Tonight Show, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, and Comedy Underground with Dave Attell. Are You There, Chelsea?, Black Box and American Housewife are examples of dramas.

She is also the screenwriter of the popular comedy series Fresh Off the Boat, as well as an inspirational speaker and comedian in two Netflix shows, Baby Cobra (2016) and Hard Knock Wife (2018). At the same time, they had a lot of success as actors and screenwriters with Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and Tuca & Bertie.

2. Lana Condor (Vietnam)

Lana Condor

Lana Condor (Vietnamese name: Tran Dong Lan) is a Vietnamese actress. Lana was born in 1997 in Can Tho, an orphan who was adopted by American couple Bob Condor and Mary Haubold at the age of 4 months.

She attracted the attention of Hollywood cinema through her roles in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), Patriots Day (2017), Alita: Battle Angel (2018), Deadly Class (2019), and especially 2 films. of Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2018 and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

With her talent, the Vietnamese orphan girl has gained a foothold in the Hollywood film industry, which has not been kind to Asian faces in general, particularly those from Vietnam. She returned to Vietnam for the first time as part of former US First Lady Michelle Obama’s meaningful program on gender equality and girls’ education. “Always believe in your inner strength, work hard, and don’t be swayed by opinions that undermine your efforts,” Lana said. You can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself.”

3. Kelly Marie Tran (Vietnam)

Kelly Marie Tran

Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? introduced it as Kelly Marie Tran. Star wars actress was born in 1989 in San Diego, California, USA. Her father was once homeless, growing up on the streets of Vietnam.

After coming to America, her father worked at a fast food restaurant, and her mother worked at a funeral home to support the family. Due to her special background, Kelly Marie Tran is highly aware of the status of Vietnamese people in the US and racism.

Best known for her role as Rose Tico in Star wars: The Last Jedi (2017), she became the victim of a cyber attack because loyal Star wars viewers didn’t like her character just because she was Asian. ASIAN. The actress wrote an article in the New York Times as a steely response to the discrimination she had received.

Besides Star wars: The Last Jedi, Kelly Marie Tran also appeared in the films Star wars: The rise of Skywalker, XOXO, The Cohasset snuff film as well as several short films. In 2020, she participated in the project that is producing The croods 2.

4. Sandra Oh (Korea)

Sandra Oh

Sandra Miju Oh is a talented Korean-American actress with dual American and Canadian citizenship, fluent in English, Korean, French, and Spanish. She was born and raised in a Korean immigrant family, in the suburbs of Nepean, Ottawa, Canada. Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? think this is an extremely impressive asian actress on the hollywood screen.

During more than 20 years of acting until the day she received the Golden Globe Award in 2019, Sandra Oh continuously asserted her talent through many different roles, from the smallest supporting roles, and then resonated with the role. Dr. Cristina Yang in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

After 10 years of shining, in 2014, Sandra decided to leave this series, leaving many regrets for fans. This is the turning point for her to embark on a new TV project – Killing Eve as Inspector Eve Polastri, making her the first Asian actress to win a Golden Globe in the Best Actress category. the color of drama dramas. Sarah Oh is one of the most influential and inspiring Asian artists in Hollywood.

5. Awkwafina (Chinese – Korean)


Awkwafina’s real name is Nora Lum, she was born in 1988, is an actress whose father is of two American and Chinese blood and her mother is a Korean immigrant. For her role as the niece whose grandmother has cancer in the movie The Farewell, she became the first Asian-American actress to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical – Comedy.

Awkwafina is one of the most sought-after actresses of Asian descent in recent years. She made her mark through supporting roles in Ocean’s 8 (2018) and Crazy Rich Asians (2018). At the same time, she is also a famous singer, writer, screenwriter, and filmmaker with a unique personal mark. This is also the actress that Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? very impressive.

6. Constance Wu (Taiwan)

Constance Wu

Like Sandra Oh, Constance Wu is one of the most successful Asian actors in Hollywood Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? can not be ignored. She was born in 1982 in Richmond, Virginia, to Taiwanese parents. Her breakthrough role is Jessica Huang in the ABC comedy series Fresh off the boat from 2015 to 2020.

For Vietnamese audiences, Wu’s familiar role is the female lead Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians. For this role, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical – Comedy. In 2017, Constance Wu was included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Most recently, she starred in the comedy Hustlers with stars Jennifer Lopez, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay.

7. Gemma Chan (Hong Kong)

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan was born in 1982 in England, to British-Chinese parents, she lived in Hong Kong for a while. She studied law at Worcester University, Oxford, but she was artistically inclined and pursued a career in acting.

The roles that helped Gemma Chan become famous were the role of cousin Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians and the lead role of Anita/Mia in the TV series Humans. Besides, she also acted in the movies Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Fantastic beasts and where to find They, Transformers: The last knight, and Captain Marvel (as Minn-Erva). In 2020, Gemme Chan participates in The Eternals, a movie about a new generation of Marvel superheroes, bringing together many Asian actors such as Kumail Nanjiani, Ma Dong Seok…

Hope the article Who Are The Top 7 Best Asian Actresses In Hollywood? will provide you with useful information.

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