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Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently

Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently

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The Chinese film industry is increasingly receiving the love of international audiences. Actors with good looks and good acting always attract the audience. Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently will list with you the most popular young actors in China today.

1. Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee is the first name in the Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently. The actor was born on November 28, 2000, in Hunan, China. Jackson Yee is a child singer in China’s most popular teen group TFBoys. As a young star, growing up under the scrutiny of the public, his life and career are not without a stain or complicated problems.

At the age of 19, Jackson Yee had great success with the teen crime romance film Better Days. The film grossed $ 227.3 million and was a lever for Jackson Yee to enter another world. It’s the dramatic movie world that almost every star dreams of, where they can collaborate with top directors and unique mainstream scripts, instead of passionate, youthful films.

It can be said that Jackson Yee has achieved a rare achievement that many actors today have not achieved.

2. Sean Xiao

Sean Xiao

Sean Xiao is the second name in the Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently. He is a young actor but has achieved many outstanding achievements in his career as well as has a large audience. With good looks and excellent talent, Sean Xiao is always a name that is welcomed by brands and manufacturers to advertise their products.

He was born on October 5, 1991, in Chongqing, China. Before coming to the role as a singer and actor, Sean Xiao opened a design company with his classmates from 2nd year. At the same time, he also reached the top 10 of the best vocalists in Chongqing.

Through the recommendation of his school teacher, he was invited to participate in a talent search program organized by the media. Therefore, Tieu Chien decided to give up the design job to join showbiz.

3. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo

Although starting as a singer, Wang Yibo is the most successful in the film industry. Not only that, but he also proved his ability in many fields such as TV presenter or a professional motor racing driver. Thanks to the right direction and effort, Wang Yibo has become a promising star sought by directors at a very young age.

Because of his current success and popularity, he was chosen to star in the movie Legend of Fei with famous actress Zanilia Zhao. The film is adapted from the novel by the writer Priest, which is highly appreciated by the audience, the film director is the one who caused a fever on the screen with the movie Princess Agents.

Therefore, Wang Yibo is an indispensable name in the Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently.

4. Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang, also known as Lay, is a famous Chinese actor and singer and is currently a member of the boy group EXO founded and managed by S.M. Entertainment. He became famous when he participated in talent shows in China in 2005.

In January 2015, Lay was ranked 5th by Baidu in the list of “Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities of 2014”. In September of the same year, he released his autobiography titled “Standing Firm At 24 – Standing at the age of 24”, which broke many online book records.

In January 2018, he was assigned the position of judge of the program Produce 101 Chinese version. He has received many positive responses from his new role in the Chinese version of Produce 101.

5. Yang Yang

Yang Yang

Yang Yang is one of the most famous young actors in Cbiz today, he was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Since he was a child, his parents taught him to dance ballet, so when he entered university, Yang Yang continued to apply to the dance department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts because of his passion for military uniforms.

The famous actor is one of the new generations faces on the Chinese screen. He owns a handsome face and has appeared in many famous TV works such as The Dream of Red Mansions, Tornado Girl & The Whirlwind Girl, The Four, Once Upon a Time…

After 10 years of artistic activities, Yang Yang is a prominent face that many brands keep an eye on. Thanks to that, he owns a rich and abundant life. However, the private life of the handsome actor is also entangled in many love rumors. He was repeatedly rumored to be dating the beautiful beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry.

6. Allen Deng

Allen Deng

Allen Deng is a handsome young actor in the Chinese entertainment industry. He graduated from Shanghai Film Academy, majoring in acting. In Allen Deng, there is a harmony between appearance and acting. Therefore, he is considered one of the most promising young actors.

In 2012, Allen Deng participated in the movie “Flower isn’t Flower/ Flower in the fog” which received much attention from the audience. In 2017, he participated in many movie projects with high viewership ratings, typically Princess Agents.

In particular, in the movie “Because of you” Allen Deng as the male lead achieved a rating of 1.93%. This is also one of the projects with the highest viewership ratings in the Chinese language film industry in early 2017.

7. Jing Boran

Jing Boran

Jing Boran is a famous young actor in Chinese cinema. The audience knows him well as an actor and also a talented singer. This is also the reason why he was named in the Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently.

Especially in 2007, when he was 18 years old, he won first place when he participated in the game show “Fighting good guy”. And from there, he became more known to the audience. He and another member, Fu Xinbo (who also participated in the game show “Fighting good guy”) formed the group BoBo. Since then, he has received many offers to act and become one of the outstanding young actors in Chinese cinema.

8. Allen Ren

Allen Ren

Allen Ren is a famous Chinese actor and singer. Although he has all the two main elements in terms of appearance and acting ability, he has only recently gained popularity, after the movie Under The Power.

Thanks to his good acting skills, he portrays the image of a smart, handsome but extremely fastidious guy. Combined with the chemistry effect with the lead actress, it has attracted a large number of viewers who love him.

9. Xu Kai

Xu Kai

Xu Kai is a promising Chinese actor and model. He has a handsome appearance and good acting ability. Xu Kai’s name is loved and known by many fans through the movie Story of Yanxi Palace. Before officially pursuing an acting career, Xu Kai used to be a professional model.

He even won the China International Model Contest Champion in 2013. 3 years later, he officially signed a contract and acted in a movie called Zhao Ge. This is also an excellent actor that Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently introduced to you.

10. Karry Wang

Karry Wang

Karry Wang is one of the stars active from a very young age. He is a famous singer and actor with a huge fan base. This is also the last name in the Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently.
In 2013, the Chinese community joyfully welcomed the debut of the top idol group TFBOYS, with 3 pieces of the puzzle being extremely handsome and talented 14-year-old teenagers.

Karry Wang is one of those three members. With the image of a warm guy, somewhat shy in front of strangers, the guy successfully attracts a huge fan community. Soon after becoming famous, the audience was more and more admired when they learned of the multi-talented Karry Wang when he could do well in singing, dancing, and acting.

The actor’s personality is also highly appreciated when he shows respect for his seniors and plays in harmony in entertainment programs.

Hopefully, the article Top 10 Best Young Chinese Male Actors Recently will provide you with useful information.

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