Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See

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France is a country with a brilliantly developed film industry, a leader in the world film industry. In particular, the comedy genre of this country always impresses and is close to the audience. Let’s check out the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See with

1. Serial Bad Weddings (2014)

Released: April 16, 2014

Duration: 97 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Philippe de Chauveron

Actors: Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan

Serial Bad Weddings

The movie Serial Bad Weddings is the first movie in the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See. The film’s content revolves around the family of an elderly couple with four adult daughters, who are French Catholics. They raise their children to be successful and expect them to get married soon.

After a long time of waiting, they received good news when their daughter announced that she was getting married, but the special thing was that it was not one girl but all four at the same time. Four girls get married to 4 boys and have 4 different religions.

Movie Serial Bad Weddings is a light comedy with witty, lovely acting the actors that will bring the audience laughter and great relaxation.

2. Supercondriaque (2014)

Released: January 15, 2014

Duration: 107 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Dany Boon

Actors: Kad Merad, Dany Boon, Alice Pol


Supercondriaque is a movie about Romain Faubert, an adult man suffering from paranoia. Dr. Dimitri Zvenka was the one who treated him and wanted to save his patients because he knew Romain had no other friends but himself. He learns that Romain’s real cause is long-term loneliness.

So Dimitri helps find a suitable woman for Romain, but after many futile efforts, he loses hope in Romain. In the end, he decided to send Romain to a refugee camp in Eastern Europe to work for a non-profit organization.

It was here that Romain found the love of his life when he met and became acquainted with his sister Dimitri. Supercondriaque movie with many funny situations and scenes makes viewers laugh. This is also the next film in the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See.

3. Un Plan Parfait (2012)

Released: October 31, 2012

Duration: 102 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Pascal Chaumeil

Actors: Diane Kruger, Dany Boon, Alice Pol

Un Plan Parfait

Un Plan Parfait is about a woman named Isabelle who is successful in her career, but has the curse that her first marriage always falls apart. So, in order to break the curse and be happy with the person she loves, she decides to find a cheater, get married and then divorce. This is also a comedy that the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See recommends.

What a perfect plan if her bait wasn’t Jean-Yves Berthier, a sly editor of a travel magazine. She followed him all the way to Moscow for the wedding. In the movie, there are many confusing situations that constantly happen, don’t know who will cheat who, please watch the movie to know!

4. The Intouchables (2011)

Released: June 15, 2012

Duration: 113 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Actors: François Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny,… Accomplishments: César Award for Best Actor.

The Intouchables

The Intouchables is set in Paris, France, and revolves around the character Philippe is an aristocrat but quadriplegic. He is looking for someone to take care of him. The rude and scheming Driss became the best candidate. Driss has a month’s probationary period, he moves to the mansion, changing Phillipe’s boring life.

This is also a comedy that the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See recommends. The film begins with a police car chase at night in Paris, when Driss is the driver with Philippe sitting next to him. Driss also bet Philippe that with the Maserati Quattroporte V sports car they will escape the police chase.

After a short chase the traffic police officer stopped them and Driss was roughly dragged out of the car. Philippe pretended to be having a seizure and Driss explained that was why he had to run for his life.

The two of them were not fined, but were escorted by the police to the hospital. The film with many funny situations and the good acting of the two main actors brought the audience laughter.

5. Beautiful Lies (2010)

Released: December 8, 2010

Duration: 104 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Pierre Salvadori

Actors: Audrey Tautou, Sami Bouajila, Nathalie Baye,…

Beautiful Lies

The movie Beautiful Lies is about Emilie played by Audrey Tautou, the owner of a barber shop. One day, she received a love letter from one of her workers named Jean played by Sami Bouajila. She immediately comes up with the idea of passing the recipient’s name on to her mother Maddy, played by Nathalie Baye, who suffers from depression after a broken marriage, to please her.

From there, the story began to get tangled up due to misunderstandings and awkward situations that took place. The film with funny and witty details about intertwined lives is a message to everyone not to joke about dating, especially love.

6. Little Nicholas (2009)

Released: September 30, 2009

Duration: 90 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Laurent Tirard

Actors: Maxime Godart, Kad Merad, Valérie Lemercier,…

Little Nicholas

The movie Little Nicholas is about a naughty boy Nicolas with his friends. The students always had a lot of unintentional pranks, but there were also tricks they came up with on purpose. The story is worse when young Nicolas thinks that his mother is having a baby, his parents will no longer love him and will drive him to the forest and leave him there like the story he learned at school.

He is determined to change, doing a lot of work for his mother, but each one brings bad results. He gave roses to his mother, but made her sell roses in a pot of cactus. Nicolas became obedient while cleaning the house for his mother.

However, instead of cleaning the house, he and his friends ruined everything, he also thought about running away from home and finally thought of kidnapping. After all the tricks, he finally understood that it was only natural for him to become a big brother and that having a younger brother would be more fun in the family.

He imagined that he had a younger brother, he would play in the array with his brother or take him out by bike and then play football,… But it’s really not like he thought, instead of being a brother, I have a younger sister. girl. What does this lead to, see more for more details!

7. Welcome To The Sticks (2008)

Released: February 20, 2008

Duration: 106 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Dany Boon

Actors: Dany Boon, Kad Merad, Zoe Félix,…

Welcome To The Sticks

Accomplishments: Special Jury Prize at the 11th International Comedy Festival (Alpe d’Huez).

Welcome To The Sticks tells the story of Philippe Abrams’ move to Nord-Pas-de-Calais. He left the sunny place and his family in the South alone, crossed thousands of kilometers to the North where there was only rain and wind.

After experiencing life in a new land, he met Antoine Bailleul, who has lived here since he was a child. Two people with differences in regional culture, but they are similar in character as they love their homeland, love life and want to use their energies to build their homeland. What did they do when they met? We invite you to watch the movie together!

8. La Grande Vadrouille (1966)

Released: December 8, 1966

Duration: 132 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Gérard Oury

Actors: Terry-Thomas, Bourvil, Louis de Funes,…

Accomplishments: Award for Best Foreign Film at the 1966 Taormina Film Festival.

La Grande Vadrouille

The film La Grande Vadrouille is set during the second world war, which is taking place in France. The film is about a bomb squad that is shot in Paris during the Nazi occupation. They were helped by kind Frenchmen and sent away from the city. They arranged to meet at the sauna to find their way back to the unit. On the run they were helped by a German.

The movie is about war, but it’s humorous, witty, and witty acting make it one of the most successful movies of all time. It ranks third among the most successful films ever released in France, behind the 1997 version of Titanic. This is also a comedy that the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See recommends.

9. Fantomas (1964)

Released: November 4, 1964

Duration: 104 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: André Hunebelle

Actors: Jean Marais, Louis De Funes, Marie-Hélène Arnaud.


Fantomas movie is about Fantomas is a most dangerous criminal in Western Europe, he masterminded in many large cases of murder and robbery. After committing the crime, he messed up the scene to distract the investigation. Fantomas is a very skilled and cunning disguiser.

Policeman Mr Juve played by Louis de Funès, he has to fight with this formidable criminal. Movie Fantomas is a crime film but humorous with amusing situations for the audience, which is highly appreciated by viewers in terms of acting and content.

10. Le Gendarme De St Tropez (1964)

Released: September 9, 1964

Duration: 95 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Directed by: Jean Girault

Actors: Louis de Funes, Geneviève Grad, Michel Galabru,…

Le Gendarme De St Tropez

Le Gendarme De St Tropez is a film about Ludovic Cruchot played by Louis de Funès, an extremely determined warrior living in a small French village. He is assigned by the command, Major Gerber, played by Michel Galabru, to the coastal commune of Saint-Tropez.

Here, he must confront the problem of nudism on the beach and find a way to catch these people. At that time, his daughter, wanting to impress the new friends here, made up the story that he was a millionaire whose yacht was docked in the harbor.

Cruchot discovered her daughter and boyfriend had stolen and crashed an expensive Mustang sports car into a ditch. Surprisingly, this car was owned by a gang of robbers, who stole a Rembrandt painting and is still in the trunk.

Officer Cruchot tried to get the car out and used the items he took in the car to patch a hole, including a painting that was a valuable item. The film with many funny and dramatic situations gives viewers a lot of emotions. This is also the last film in the Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See.

Hopefully the article Top 10 Best French Comedies Must See will provide you with useful information.

Wish you have moments of fun watching movies!

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