The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021

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Chinese cinema is increasingly attracting the attention of the audience not only because of the thrilling content but also the cast with excellent looks. The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021 will introduce you to the most impressive actors’ faces in 2021.

1. Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a handsome Chinese actor born in 1991. This is also the first name in The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021. He started his acting career in 2008 with his debut role in the TV series Legend of Goddess Luo and is known for his ecstatic handsomeness in his role in Just One Slight Smile is Very Alluring.

Yang Yang

He also has several personal music products to celebrate his personal and friends’ birthdays such as Forever Young(2018). He also achieved several personal achievements such as the famous actor award of the year, the actor of the media interest (2015), the best newcomer (2010), etc. with the visual of the movie You Are My Glory, which is widely supported and idolized by the audience.

2. Sean Xiao

Actor Sean Xiao born in 1991 reached the ideal height of 1.83 with a face full of angular, beautiful lines and quickly entered The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021. Sean Xiao was born in the province. Chongqing, now he is a singer and actor. He joined the arts as a singer in the group XNINE and started his acting career in 2016.

Sean Xiao

Since then, he has been known to everyone and gradually released famous works such as Jade Dynasty (2019), The Untamed (2019), and Douluo Continent (2021). He also achieved great personal achievements such as 1st in the top 100 most handsome people in the world in 2020, 1st in the top 100 people with the most beautiful faces in Asia in 2020, most famous actors in 2021…

3. Wang Yibo

Among the top most successful young actors in China and also the next actor in The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021. Wang Yibo was born in 1997 in Luoyang, Henan, China. He is a singer, actor, MC, and professional motorcycle racer. Currently, he is a star with the highest commercial value in China and has achieved many achievements in music and movies.

Wang Yibo

Some of his famous films are The Untamed, The Legend of Fei, Being a Hero, and Luoyang. He also won countless individual awards such as New Artist of the Year, Best New Actor in 2017, Breakthrough Actor in 2019, and Most Favorite Public Actor in 2020,…

4. Allen Deng

Allen Deng

Allen Deng was born in China’s Hebei province in 1992. With an ideal height of 1.8 and a tall figure, a handsome face full of angles led him to an acting career and made him famous. to the public.

His signature works such as Because of You (2017)… He is also a singer with countless songs that have been the subject of hit movies of the same name and some other movies. In addition, he also actively participated in TV shows, appeared more with the audience, and also received many individual awards such as Best Actor in 2019, and Most Commercially Valuable Artist of the year 2020.

5. Karry Wang

With an extremely handsome face, the young actor born in 1999 constantly made a name for himself through the dramas he participated in. He is also an actor in The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021. Karry Wang was born in Chongqing, China.

Karry Wang

Although he is very young, he joined the arts in 2013 as a singer of the group TFBOYS. Some films with his participation such as The Great Wall (2016), Boy Hood (2017)… He is also a famous brand ambassador in the world such as Dior, Coca-Cola, Lexus, Intel Core, … . and won numerous individual awards throughout his artistic career.

6. Leo Luo

Leo Luo has been involved in the arts since 2010 as a singer, then he broke into acting and achieved great success. The actor was born in 1988 in Chengdu, China, and achieved countless works such as Ashes of Love (2018), Kids’ Lives Matter (2021)…

Leo Luo

In addition, he also has his music products, he also participates in television programs to appear more with the audience, is invited by famous brands to be brand ambassadors, and images to the public because his coverage is too great.

7. Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi

With a handsome appearance and professional acting, Chinese actor Cheng Yi did not take too long to build his image and brand with the public. Born in 1990, although he had a miserable life since childhood, because of his efforts and luck in his career, his reputation was built through works such as Dream of Chang’an, Love, And Redemption, ….

This is also one of the actors on the list of The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021.

8. Xu Kai

Xu Kai is an actor born in 1995 in Guangdong province. He is active in art as an actor and model. With his handsome looks, he quickly won the hearts of the audience and became famous through his role in the hit movie Story of Yanxi Palace in 2018. He entered the art scene as a professional model in 2013 and won an award. China International Model Championship the same year.

Xu Kai

In 2016, he broke into acting with his first film, Zhao Ge. But not much attention from the audience until he succeeded with Story of Yanxi Palace, his name was gradually affirmed and resonated throughout China and viewers around the world. Currently, he still has TV dramas that have aired and many projects are still waiting for him to perform.

9. Allen Ren

Allen Ren was born in 1989 and joined the art path in 2009 as a singer. But it was not until 2014 that he entered the acting path after returning from Korea. He is known to everyone through his role as Quang Binh Vuong Ly Thuc in the movie The Glory Of Tang Dynasty in 2017 with his impressive handsomeness.

Allen Ren

Since then, his career has been surprisingly successful, he continuously received the main roles, and reached more audiences, he also received the attention of brands and invited him to be the brand ambassador for advertising. surname. In addition, he also received domestic awards, awards for acting, fashion, and singer.

10. Lay


Lay or Lay Zhang, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, music producer, dancer, and actor. He debuted as a member of boy group EXO and subgroup EXO-M managed by S.M. This is also the last actor in The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021 to recommend.

He was born and raised in a city in China. From an early age, he was exposed to the light of art. That’s why when he grew up, he immediately joined the showbiz entertainment industry.
Currently, his name is not only limited to China but also to Asia.

An artist with a large and powerful fan base. Currently, in addition to artistic activities, he is also involved in business and becomes the boss of a Chinese entertainment company.

Hopefully the article The Best Poll Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2021 will provide you with useful information.

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