Samsung U Flex Headphones Review: Should You Buy It?

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Samsung is best known for its mobile phones. Also, televisions. And… you get the picture. The company’s lineup includes notable smartphones such as the flagship Galaxy S9 as well as Galaxy S9 Plus. However, the company has recently expanded into the production of headphones. And, as is customary for any company, Samsung introduced U-Flex wireless Bluetooth headphones in India this year, as an upgrade to its existing line-up. So let’s dig deep into the details via Samsung U Flex Headphones Review below.

General Information

The U-Flex headphones
The U-Flex headphones

The U-Flex headphones are the replacement for Samsung’s Level-U headphones, which retail for Rs 2,999. U-Flex, on the other side, is priced at Rs 4,999. These headphones, like Samsung’s smartphones, are present in 3 classic colors: black, blue, and white.

While Level U headphones may have failed to convince critics in terms of design and performance, U Flex headphones offer a huge improvement over their predecessor, at least in terms of performance. U Flex headphones, on the other hand, look like a cross between Level U headphones but also Audio Technica’s Bluetooth headphones.

Having said that, the U Flex headphones aren’t completely hideous. Samsung’s bright colors help to make up for the dull design. They also have good audio quality. Aside from that, the U Flex headphones have some cool features like a micro USB port, magnetic heads, as well as a support button for Samsung’s computer software assistant Bixby.

U flex headphones work well for most songs in terms of performance. They excel at soft and lyrical songs.

Samsung U Flex Headphones Review – Design and convenience

The Samsung U Flex wireless headphones have a simple yet uninteresting design. As previously stated, the design appears to be a cross between its predecessors, the Level U headphones and the Audio Technica ATH-ANC40BT headphones. The headphones have a water-resistant silicone neckband with volume controls, play as well as pause buttons, a power button, and a micro USB port on one side and a giant battery on the other.

The two ends of the neckband are joined by two delicate-looking wires that link up to the magnetic ear pieces. While the magnetic heads are a great perk to have in a pair of headphones, the overall design did not impress me. For starters, the 2 wires connecting the neckband to the ear pieces are extremely delicate and appear to snap at any moment.

Furthermore, the location of the controls does not inspire confidence in the headphones. To adjust the volume, you must either access your smartphone or turn the neckband to a more relaxed place, neither of which makes it a comfortable piece of technology to wear around your neck.

The form of the earplugs is another thing that appears to be wrong with its design. Samsung claims that its new wireless headphones are perfect for use at the gym or during a strenuous workout session. However, in my nearly two weeks of using the device, the earplugs came out easily, even while I was typing a quick news story on my workstation.

In comparison, OnePlus’ Bullets wireless headphones provided more stability and easier access to the controls. They also provide an auto pause feature once the magnetic heads are merged, at a slightly lower price of Rs 3,990.

Samsung U Flex Headphones Review – Performance

Samsung U Flex Headphones Review - Performance
Samsung U Flex Headphones Review – Performance

I tested the Samsung U Flex headphones for two more weeks and discovered that they have good sound quality. The sound is fairly balanced for the most part. The sound is immersive, and then you’ll enjoy the music in your ears for the most part. However, this is also where the issue arises.

However, U Flex picks up where the OnePlus Bullets leave off. The problem with Bullets headphones is also that they emphasize the highs far too much. U Flex, on the other side, is more evenly balanced. However, this does not imply that it is flawless. U Flex also falters in this regard, though not as badly as Bullets.

I got to listen to Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, as well as Nagade Sangh Dol Baje by Shreya Ghoshal, and it made me realize how easy it was for these headphones to lose track of the clarity-which, as most users will agree, is one of the most important factors that one looks for in a pair of headphones.

Aside from music, you can also use the Bixby button to access Google Assistant or S Voice, a built-in personal digital assistant accessible on Samsung smartphones. They are also a valuable resource when dealing with a large number of calls.

Samsung U Flex Headphones Review – Battery

If there is one thing you can thank Samsung for, it is the good battery that comes with this pair of headphones. The battery life on the Samsung U Flex headphones is excellent. The Korean smartphone manufacturer claims that the battery will last for 9 hours on a single charge. And, as advertised, these headphones will keep you going for 8.5-9 hours on constant use with no problems.

Should you purchase it?

That can be a difficult question to answer because this pair of headphones is a little pricey for the characteristics that it provides. However, for the most part, the response is a simple yes. U Flex headphones, in my opinion, are ideal if you want a pair of headphones that really can combine your need for a mono-Bluetooth headset with decent audio quality.

Having said that, they are certainly ridiculously priced in their market segment, as other companies offer better features at a marginally lower cost. However, if you are a Samsung fan and do not want to splurge on mid-range or premium headphones, U Flex is certainly worth considering.

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