Know Calm headphones review — Premium features at a reasonable price

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Everyone has possessed a set of headphones they adored only to have them break a few weeks later. Nothing is more dismal and irritating all at the same time. So when the Know calm headphones creators joined together, they vowed to build items that would endure a long time. Know calm headphones designers and manufacturers go through rigorous design methods to create thoughtful items that appear and perform flawlessly. Continue reading to check the entire Know calm headphones review to discover more about these goods.

What are calm headphones?

Know Calm headphones review
Know Calm headphones review

The Know Calm headphones include various capabilities that are generally reserved for more costly phones. Active noise cancellation (ANC), trackpad-like easy controls, and a 24-hour playback time are also included.

It’s a delight to open the package when it arrives. The packaging is user-friendly, with a lovely tissue paper enveloping the provided travel bag, containing the headphones. Following that are the standard accessories for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones: a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5mm aux cable. Branded sticky notes are not usually provided with a set of headphones.

Design and features of know calm headphones review

Know’s Calm headphone package is both. It’s unique due to its artistic nature. The unpacking experience has been thoughtfully designed. Everything is really Apple-like. When you first open the package, you’re faced with the headphone in its plush, quilted casing, which has been beautifully wrapped and sealed in a piece of paper—much like a new shirt. Under that is a piece of art that hides the accessories. Pulling the ribbon reveals an elegant instruction book, both wires hidden behind pull tabs, and a spherical Post-It notepad. Know also comes with a message urging buyers to tag them on social media.

Design and features of know calm headphones review
Design and features of know calm headphones review

There is a 3.5 mm audio wire as well as a USB-C charging cable supplied. Both cables are secured with a silicone clasp, which shows attention to detail. It’s a shame the tiny plug cable lacks a lightning connector on one end, which would have made it ideal—for iPhone owners. Wireless charging is a relatively unusual function on this set that is commonly found on higher-end headphones. While not as quick as USB-C charging, the Know Calm headphones do enable Qi charging, which can be accomplished by laying the left ear cup face down on a Qi charger.

The Calm headphones are available in three colors: Sage, Plum Gray, and Black. The battery life is amazing, lasting 24 hours of continuous listening. Keep in mind that the duration of a charge is determined by volume and other factors. ANC is available in three levels: off, low, and high. To be honest, the difference between Low and High ANC is barely audible. Low lets in just enough ambient background to keep you from feeling completely secluded, which some people dislike. Even when ANC is turned off, there is some passive noise reduction for existing quiet surroundings.

Pros of Know calm headphones

The Know Calm Headphones are practical, strong, and visually appealing. Every buyer will find a hue they adore. Bluetooth’s simplicity, charging choices, and user-friendly controls are unrivaled. These headphones also come with a stylish carrying bag to keep them secure while not in use.

Know has tuned the audio to a warmer spectrum, so they aren’t as bright as other more accurate-sounding headphones. Higher frequencies are rolled off, emphasizing the intermediate and lower frequencies. As Know points out, this might result in a more pleasant sound. This auditory technique is preferred by the majority of non-audiophiles. Music played with the Calm headset offers a pleasant sound that wants to be enjoyed rather than scrutinized for perfect tonal correctness. That is unless you are a recording engineer.

Another great characteristic of the Calm headphones is their battery life. On a full charge, users may expect up to 24 hours of battery life. When you need a rapid charge, charge them for 56 minutes and you’ll gain 3 extra hours of battery life. The noise-canceling control button is also a useful function. Users may choose between three noise-canceling modes: low, medium, and high.

Cons of Know calm headphones

Cons of Know calm headphones
Cons of Know calm headphones Review

The lack of straightforward controls is one of these headphones’ drawbacks. Some users may find it difficult to acquire exact control over the volume or track-changing features. In addition to the swiping capability, it would be ideal if the headphones allowed you to adjust the music or song directly on the headphones.


The Know Calm headphones are part of a developing and competitive mid-range market that features technology that was previously only found on more costly gear. The mix of ANC, comfort and outstanding sound in a low-cost headphone is a winning combo. I hope you loved the review as much as we did. Maintain your safety and productivity.


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