How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

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We might be clumsy to the point of spilling water on our phones at times. Even if you were not careless, some water may have accidentally been stuck in your phone’s speaker grill, resulting in muted sound production. You don’t have to worry, though, since we’ll show you how to fix phone speaker water damage in this post. Just be ready to put the advice to the test!

How to fix phone speaker water damage?

How to fix phone speaker water damage?
How to fix phone speaker water damage?

The whole world stood still at that moment as you watched your phone drop to the floor and into the water. You know that nothing good will happen, and worst-case scenario you will lose your phone and all your essential information. We understand how difficult it is for everyone to see this. We’ve created the ideal approach for you to know how to fix phone speaker water damage.

After all, who can withstand so much damage to the high-tech device you rely on for almost everything in your daily activities? The mobile phone is now very important to every activity that we do in our lives and having it destroyed can bring all the important tasks of the day to a halt. Dropping your phone into the water can damage the speakerphone, making it impossible for you to hear calls. Follow this guide to learn how to dry my phone speaker easily.

Is it possible to repair water-damaged speakers by putting your phone in rice?

The tried-and-true method of placing the phone on rice works flawlessly to repair phone speaker water damage. The rice method, on the other hand, is ideal for little harm but cannot be relied on for major damage. If your gadget was just in the water for a brief period of time, placing it in rice can work rather well. However, if the phone was submerged for an extended period of time, you should have it dismantled and the various pieces placed in rice. This will undoubtedly assist you in removing the water from your speakers.

How do you repair a water-damaged phone speaker?

How to fix phone speaker water damage?
How to fix phone speaker water damage?

When you bring your phone out of the water, it’s difficult to think clearly. However, this is the most crucial element, and if you react correctly, you might wind up saving a lot of money and time. Make sure your phone is turned off and stays that way. You must switch off the phone if it is turned on.

A short circuit with water between the CPU and the motherboard might be caused by electricity. Remove any detachable components from your device and set it aside. A replaceable battery can preserve everything, and if not, simply take it to a local repair shop and have it dismantled. Follow the steps below to discover how to fix phone speaker water damage. This will most likely avoid all harm to your phone and keep it functioning normally.

Drying out your gadget takes time and care, which is why this is the most difficult process. Let’s begin with the procedures for how to fix phone speaker water damage

Attempt to dry the outside

Use a microfiber cloth or something that quickly sucks the water out of your smartphone. You can also use a cotton rag to dry the outside of the phone or speaker. Dry gently with the device moving as little as possible.

Use a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can make it easy to remove water from your phone’s speaker in places a towel can’t reach. You must use a low power mode that allows you to easily remove water from your phone. Avoid moving the phone too much as this can push water into the compartment and cause further damage. Follow the steps carefully to know how to fix water-damaged phone speakers in simple steps.

How to Remove Water From Your Phone Android speaker?

How to Remove Water From Your Phone Android speaker?
How to Remove Water From Your Phone Android speaker?

This is the most difficult task. This stage demands you to wait a long time for your phone to dry completely. You may place your phone near a window, but avoid direct sunlight since it can harm the phone. You may also put it in a ziplock bag with rice, as previously suggested, to discover the correct solution to fix my speakers.


So you’ve done everything to protect your phone. With the article on how to fix water-damaged phone speakers above, we hope you were able to restore your phone speakers. However, if they do not work after several days of waiting, we recommend that you bring the phone to your local retailer. You can find a store near you to get a hassle-free phone repair service.


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