Discover How To Fix Buzzing Noise in Headphones PS4

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Headphones that are noisy, creating unpleasant sounds such as bees, and mosquitoes flying into the ears while playing games or listening to music are problems that make hundreds of users uncomfortable. There are many causes for this problem to happen such as headphone jacks, headsets, software, etc. In this blog, we will share with you how to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4.

Why is there a buzzing noise in the ps4 headset?

Why is there a buzzing noise in the ps4 headset?
Why is there a buzzing noise in the ps4 headset?

Initially, it is important to understand where the noise in the headphones is coming from. Many users face this problem. Sometimes this is a temporary phenomenon, in other cases, the noise does not go away for a long time.

In fact, the nature of the problem is very diverse. Noise in headphones (with or without a microphone) occurs for a variety of reasons. Predicting which alignment will correct the situation is a dilemma. For example, noise can be caused by hardware damage or damaged settings. Next, you have to figure out how to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4.

How to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4?

Is the cable intact?

Many people don’t take this seriously (supposedly what will happen to it), and by the way, cables can be damaged by accident: when furniture is moved carelessly, by bending, stepping on heel. Also, many people keep pets at home. All in all, there’s enough reason even without your direct intervention.

Broken audio jack

How to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4?
How to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4?

Over time, any audio connectors start to “weak” (usually from heavy use) – and the ones that plug into them don’t clamp tightly, sometimes even a little backlash (slots). open). If in this case, you try to plug/unplug, screw the plug into the socket – you can notice the noises appearing in the speakers and how they disappear. So you can choose the position of the plug, in which there will be no noise. The cable in this “ideal” position can be secured with adhesive tape.

In general, if the problem is with damaged sockets, replace them in the computer service, the question is not too “expensive”.

Cable length

I also want to pay attention to the length of the cable. If the computer speakers are located 2 meters from the system device, it is not reasonable to use a 10-meter cable (especially if there are any adapters or extension cords). All of these can cause “distorted” sound, a type of noise. In general, cables longer than 2-5 meters (in the most common cases for domestic use) are not recommended.

Is the cable fixed?

Another reason I faced was the following: the cable from the system device to the speaker was on the “scale”, about 2 meters long. Naturally, if the window in the room is open, drafts cause this cable to “dangle” and extraneous noises can be observed.

It is very easy to solve the problem: using ordinary adhesive tape, we attach the cable in 2-3 places on the table and the noise disappears. By the way, the cable can also be touched by people walking by (if your computer is not very comfortable), pets, and even your feet (if the cable runs under the table). Therefore, how to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4 is to fix or lay the cable so that no one accidentally touches it.

Does the cable intertwine with other wires?

In addition, audio interference and noise in the speakers can occur because the audio cable is too tightly interwoven with other conductors. Try to position it carefully so that it is far away from the rest. By the way, this advice deals with cable repair (see just above).

And one more tip: if you have hissing and noise in your speakers, try connecting headphones (or vice versa). This won’t solve the problem but will help find and diagnose the cause. If there is no noise in the headset, then the cause is definitely outside the system device.


It doesn’t matter if the headset is connected to the computer – wired or not. The main thing is that the majority of problems occur on all models of devices. for a computer with a microphone connected and used most often without much difficulty. And the main cause of noise in the headset is the high sensitivity of the microphone, as well as the really noisy user’s surroundings.

How to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4? All the above methods will definitely help to fix the situation. If we are talking about wireless headphones, then if there is a constant noise, you should change the USB socket used as the receiver. Otherwise, all the tips listed above remain the same.

Sometimes there is noise outside the headphones due to a virus infection. After repairing the computer, the headset started working properly. Fortunately, these types of events are not so frequent. And the main methods of dealing with the problem under study are reinstalling the drivers and reducing and adjusting the microphone. From now on, it is clear How to fix buzzing noise in headphones ps4.


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