How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode? 7 Effective Solutions

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You also know that Android devices are quite popular due to their outstanding features and ease of use. However, there are some problems that a large number of people suffer. It’s typical for Android devices to be stuck in headset mode. Have you had this problem with your Android phone? Worried about how to fix android stuck in headphone mode because you have no idea? Don’t worry, if you read the whole blog you will get some hints on how to fix android stuck in headphone mode. But first, let us look at the causes of such issues on Android phones.

Reasons for Android stuck in headphone mode

How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode?
How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Some of the reasons why your Android phone shows headset mode even without a headset or a headset attached are as follows:

Damaged headphone jack or problem with Bluetooth

The headphone jack does not recognize your headphones or headphones, this is a hardware problem. It may have been damaged by drops, water, or dirt getting in. Your smartphone may be outdated. There may be a problem with the Bluetooth or network settings if you are using a wireless headset or a headset.

Remove headphones without pausing the song

If you are careless or accidentally remove the headset while listening to music. The phone may not receive a signal from the headset socket because the headset is not attached. This is not a problem with wireless headphones.

How To Fix Android Stuck On Headphone Mode?

How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode?
How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Restart your Android device

If the problem is software-related, you should restart your device once. Many minor problems are resolved by restarting the device and presumably, this will also be resolved.

But first, make sure that the headphone jack indicator shows up, as the headphone indicator usually shows up after it’s removed. Even if this is the case, restart your phone to see if the error is resolved. However, if the problem persists, go to the following remedy.

Remove the phone’s battery

This method is for you if your phone has a replaceable battery. Almost every Android device these days comes with a non-removable battery. So, if your phone has a replaceable battery, remove it and wait a while. Replace the battery and restart your smartphone to see if the headset mode icon disappears. This whole process is known as the gentle reset method.

Replace the headphones and take them out again

Although users have many beliefs about how to fix android stuck in headphone mode, they don’t know the exact answer. However, removing the phone’s headset can solve the problem.

Let’s see what you have to do:

  • First, remove the phone’s headset.
  • Plug your headset back into the device if your phone is stuck in headset mode.
  • Now push it out and put it back in.

Following the above-mentioned procedures, your phone should no longer be stuck in headset mode.

Clean dust from the headphone port

You may not know that the headphone jack has a small switch to detect headphones. However, if dirt gets in, the switch will get stuck and the phone may show the headset icon even after removing it. Therefore, users should check the connection port again and if dirt can be seen, clean it to remove the headphone icon from the phone.

Clean the Dirt From the Headphone Port
Clean the Dirt From the Headphone Port

Turn Off Headphone Mode with a Vacuum

The problem is frequently caused by water within the headphone jack. So, instead, utilize a vacuum cleaner with a cordless vac. The symbol will vanish after seconds of turning on this vacuum. If this does not work for you, try using a vacuum cleaner to see if it helps.

With a few simple clicks, you can fix your Android phone stuck in headset mode

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there is another useful approach to troubleshooting. You should use the Android Repair Tool, which is one of the most professional and effective programs to solve any Android problems or glitches. The phone will be unlocked and exit the headset mode after a few seconds.

In practice, it is used to fix program crashes, black screen of death, system updates, download errors, stopped installation, and other problems. It handles all kinds of problems and fixes them without requiring any technical expertise.

Install the Enable Speaker application

Install the Enable Speaker application
Install the Enable Speaker application

The Headphone Off – Speakers On app is a quick and simple solution to the headphone mode problem. This will turn off the headset mode and force the music to play through the speakers. However, this is not the most reliable solution as it may or may not work with your phone, assuming it works. It may also contain advertising. It has a high success rate, so give it a try.


So, this article extensively describes how to fix android stuck in headphone mode, and we hope that following the instructions will undoubtedly help to cure the problem. In reality, a professional tool is also recommended to easily troubleshoot the Android headphone problem.



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