How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack? 6 Common Issues Caused by Bent Headphone Jacks

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Error Headphone jacks that are bent are more common than you’d think. So How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack? I will show you how to repair and protect it from bending again.

A phone’s jack is an essential component, but it is also the most fragile. A minor misalignment could result in headphone damage.

A faulty headphone jack can protect you from listening to music or watching videos. According to Consumer Reports, the average repair will cost somewhere around $30 and $70. This cost may increase depending on the type of repair required and how much the producer charges for labor and parts.

The Most Common Issues Caused by Bent Headphone Jacks

The Most Common Issues Caused by Bent Headphone Jacks
The Most Common Issues Caused by Bent Headphone Jacks

A headphone jack may not appear to be a problem until it causes problems. Even if the bent headset plug seems to be bent headphone jacks, a few things can still happen.

Sounds that are static

You may not have any issues with only one side being usable, but static makes it sound can be heard on both from sides depending on if you’re listening to the audio jack.

Stereo mode issues

A bent plug can end up causing cable interference. Stereo mode issues – This could result in just one side of the headphones working.

Low sound volume

No matter how so many settings you alter in your device, your high-quality headphones will play at a very low intensity when plugged in.

Link to a loosely bent headphone jack

If the headphone plug is bent, it will not fit properly into the loosely bent headphone jack connection. It will slip right out regardless of what you do to keep it in place.

Loose Headphone Jack Connection

A bent headset plug does not fit well within the jack, causing it to unintentionally slide off no matter how hard you try to keep it in.

Determine the damage

Before proceeding, inspect the headphones to ascertain the extent of the damage. If the damage is along the wire, the repair is simple. If the harm is at the headphones plug or a bent headphone jack, you will need to replace the entire thing.

Let’s take a look at your headphones’ wire cutter as well as a headphone connector.

It would be beneficial if you kept an eye out for visible evidence like bent or kinked wiring, broken casings, but also frayed edges. If there is no sign of damage, continue.

Check to see if the headphones still work by plugging them into a music player. You can locate the damaged area by moving your fingers along the wire.

Bending or bending the wire near the headphones plug would then cause playback problems if indeed the problem seems to be near the plug. The same is true for the rest of your wire. If users hear audio jack feedback as well as sound cuttings, you’ve found the source of the problem.

Make a mental note of the damaged area. If you’re having trouble remembering, wrap a masking tape all around the damaged area.

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack?

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack: Make it right.
This requires a few simple tools, which you may already have at home. It is critical to exercise caution when straightening a plug for headphones. Trying to push or trying to pull a bent headphone plug too tough can aggravate it.

What you will require

  • two thin pairs of pliers
  • a straight ruler

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack – How to Straighten it

It is necessary to use two thin pliers. One holds the tip of your plug, while the other holds the ring as well as the middle sections.

Shut it down back with firm but gentle pressure.

Check the plug’s straightness against a straight ruler. Continue to apply light touch until the desired result is obtained.

This is a critical point that cannot be overstated. It would be preferable if you handled these items with extreme care. Audio jacks and plugs are delicate items. A soldering iron is required to repair a bent headphone jack or a broken headphone jack.

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack- How to Prevent Headphone Pulse Bending

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack- How to Prevent Headphone Pulse Bending
How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack- How to Prevent Headphone Pulse Bending

It is best to avoid breaking a bent headphone plug in the first place. It may give off the impression to keep your headphones in good condition, but it is all too common for people to cause damage. These are some considerations to remember when using headphones.

Pull the plug rather than the cable.

Pulling on the wire can put too much strain on the plug, increasing its likelihood of breaking. By grasping the headphone output with your index as well as thumb, remove the headphones from the bent headphone jack. Then, gently but firmly, pull the plug out.

Remove your headphones from the jack when not in use.

It is simple to cause harm by not plugging in your headphones. It is possible for your headphones to become entangled in the cable, to be accidentally pulled off, or hit the headphone plug against something solid. This is why the majority of headphone plugs are bent.

Unplug the cables

Tangled headphones can cause damage to an inner wire. Untangle headphones to avoid wires. Binder clips as well as designated storage boxes can allow you to keep your headphone cables organized.

Purchase right-angle plug headphones.

The right-angle plug-on headphones are intended to keep them from being accidentally removed. If your headphones have had this kind of headphone plug, the cable cannot be easily removed. Hold the plug tightly to remove it from the bent headphone jack.


The damaged headphone jacks can cause discomfort and are quite common. If you found the article helpful, please share it with others to help you when you face a similar problem.

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