Discover amazing experience certificate format for tourism

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Are you a student, passionate, and oriented about the tourism industry? Do you intend to take a tour guide certificate course to improve your professional qualifications as well as get a certificate to have more job opportunities in the near future? You do not know what information the curriculum includes? Our article below will answer all of your questions above. Let’s follow us to discover the experience certificate format for tourism.

Things to know when studying for a tour guide certificate

1. Learn about the tour guide certificate course

Learn about the tour guide certificate course
Learn about the tour guide certificate course

Who can join the course:

– Be a Vietnamese citizen currently working, working, and living in Vietnam
– Good health, good ethics, training certificate of tour guide
– For international tour guides, at least 1 foreign language is required, especially English
– Graduated from professional secondary schools, colleges, and universities majoring in tourism
– Dossier to apply for a tour guide certificate

After knowing that you are eligible to participate in a tour guide course, you can begin to complete the application and send it to the institutions that have the authority to teach and organize the exam, including:

– Health certificate in the past 6 months
– Identity card or citizen identification card notarized photo of the government
– Diploma, related degree
– A notarized curriculum vitae of the local government or current working address.
– 02 3×4 photos with white background

2. The curriculum of the tour guide certificate

The curriculum of the tour guide certificate
The curriculum of the experience certificate format for tourism

Depending on the unit that organizes the study and exam, there will be separate curricula as long as it ensures the best transmission of information. However, there will be basic information mentioned such as:

– For domestic tour guides including Vietnamese history, Vietnamese culture, world civilization history, political system, and legal documents related to tourism, an overview of tourism, Vietnam tourist attractions, tourist psychology, guide professional skills, communication and behavior art in tour guide, tourism health, diplomatic reception, tourist guide certificate
– For international tour guides, foreign languages ​​and international cultural exchanges will be added.
– Teamwork skills: If you want a tour to take place in the most favorable way, it is the combination of many people together. From the organizer, tour guide, driver… Therefore, teamwork skills, as well as good coordination, are extremely important.

3. Basic conditions for a tour guide

– Communication and problem-solving skills is the first thing about experience certificate format for tourism

This is one of the most essential and basic skills for a tour guide. Exposure to many people and many situations occurring in the working process requires you to have good soft skills to deal with.

Almost like tour guides will have to speak during the travel, can express languages ​​and in many different forms to create excitement and fun for tourists. In addition, in the process of working, there will be many problems that arise, you need to be very flexible and quickly solve problems that arise.

– Stay healthy

For tour guides, the work is dense, often moving as well as to places with different weather. Therefore, equipping yourself with good health is extremely important.

4. Things to pay attention to when applying for a tour guide certificate

When you intend to take courses to add specialized knowledge, get a certificate to have more job opportunities, you need to pay attention to basic issues such as:

– Select reputable teaching and training institutions, associated with universities, ministries as well as large travel companies.
– You need to understand your own needs to apply for a domestic or international tour guide certificate to register for the curriculum that is most suitable for the tour guide certificate itself.
– Arrange study time as well as practice time in accordance with your current schedule.
– Combine learning to supplement professional knowledge with exam preparation to get a practicing certificate to serve your work in the future.
– It is necessary to choose institutions that combine teaching with field trips so that you have more practical experience at work.

Discover the experience certificate format for tourism

A certificate of professional tour guide – is one of the necessary conditions to apply for an international and domestic tour guide card for students who are not majoring in tour guides. If you are a final-year student or have graduated from an intermediate school, college or university without a major in tour guide, you must undergo a short-term tour guide training course.

Discover the experience certificate format for tourism
Discover the experience certificate format for tourism

Professional certificate of tour guide trained and issued according to regulations of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, valid for applying for renewal of international & domestic tour guide cards nationwide. We have prestigious short-term professional training facilities in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hue, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Ca Mau, Phu Quoc …

When you have completed the application and submitted it at the one-stop department of the Department of Culture – Sports – Tourism of the provinces/cities, after 10-15 working days, if your dossier is eligible, it will be totaled. The Department of Tourism approves and issues practice cards according to regulations. Note: The tour guide card is only valid for 5 years before your card expires – you must register for the 01 card renewal course.


The above article is a summary of the most important information when you intend to register yourself for a tour guide certificate course in the near future. Hopefully, the information about the experience certificate format for tourism has helped you to have more useful information to choose for yourself a suitable study focus, and know your own orientation to achieve the best results.


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