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5 Reasons and How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?

Discover 5 Reasons and How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?

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Imagine you’re driving in your car, listening to your favorite music in nice weather, and then hearing this crackling sound from your speakers. This happens often, causing many people to wonder about the cause and how to fix a car speaker that crackles. Loud car speakers are mostly caused by speakers and amplifiers that are not connected properly. Another cause of speaker breakage is a faulty internal speaker that can come into contact with a magnet.

Speakers can also break if they are driven by a very powerful amplifier, and the voice spindle can actually pull the cone past its limits. In this post, we’ll look at the most prevalent reasons for vehicle speaker cracking and how to fix a car speaker that crackles.

Why Are Car Speakers Crackling?

Problems with the wiring

Problems with the wiring car speaker
Problems with the wiring of car speaker

This is especially true of antique car audio systems, as the wiring in the closing areas has deteriorated over time and the doors are opened and closed thousands of times a year. Unless they are securely packed in the control panel, the radio side harnesses are usually in good condition. Speaker wire movement in speakers is the most common cause of disconnections. For example, speakers on the back deck are high risk and if you have this problem try to repair damaged connections.

Incorrect Equalizer Settings

The source material for your audio may be corrupted, or the media player EQ settings may be incorrect. With incorrect alignment, you run the risk of damaging the speakers of your audio device. Check to make sure that the bass and treble settings are not too high. If it doesn’t fix the problem, it could be a hardware problem.

You can send more power to the tweeter than the system can handle. Tweeters don’t need much electricity. Check if the RMS of the tweeter is the same or close to what the amp you are using can produce. If the signal being sent to the tweeter is strong, reduce the gain setting by half.

Headunit/Amplifier Issues

The rocking noise you’re hearing might be caused by a faulty tube connection within the amplifier. Pulling the tubes lightly may help them better sit and adhere to them, so resolving your problem. Cracking can also be caused by a faulty tube, which must be attempted and exchanged.

Amplifiers may overheat if the ground connection is insufficient or loose. The direct wire from the battery is the most effective connection to the earth, however, we cannot connect the amplifier using several bolting positions in the chassis.

Buttons for Dirty Audio

Electric power (audio signal) or a loose or unclean connection produces the popping and crackling of the speakers. Repair joint wires, secure the connection, and/or substitute cables to eliminate crackling and popping. First, double-check the connections between the amp and the speaker’s terminals. Something may have become loose if the wire moves, which might be caused by a cat or dog.

How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?

How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?
How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?

How Do You Handle Bad Connections?

Find the two ends of the broken wire. Examine the wire ends for rust. When corrosion is detected, remove the damaged copper until clean, green copper is identified. Measure the distance between the two ends and cut a length of new wire 3 inches longer than needed.

If there is a 3-inch gap between the wires, cut a 6-inch piece of wire. Make sure the new wire strands are snug. Solder the two outstanding ends together in the shape of an X.

How to Set the Equalizer Correctly

The simplest method for repairing cracked automobile speakers. You may also start cracking your headset by customizing your EQ settings. If your music is loud (bass or triple), your media player’s volume is probably too high, especially if you hear popping or crackling. First, if the problem persists, try lowering the level and listening.

Is it possible to repair audio hardware?

Instead of replacing sensitive, inappropriate components, modern audio equipment is constructed with them. Your audio specialist will know which ones to replace, as well as how and where to look for them. To clean cable pins on a regular basis with a clean pencil eraser. Cable and solder joint inspection

Trace the input circuit line and gently pull on the wire. If it’s slack, it might be a loose connection. Using your soldering, create and reconnect any loosely connected wires. Remove any residual solder using a brush.

The Audio Buttons Should Be Cleaned

First, the connections in the switch must be opened. It is normally preferred on the side, while the design varies depending on whether the movement is a rotation or a linear motion. Spray the solution and do a rapid breakdown to eliminate contaminants Wait a few moments before spraying to remove contaminants and establish a protective form. Wait two minutes after the process before utilizing the unit.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Crackling Problems?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Crackling Problems?
How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles?

If you have an older vehicle, you might want to update the speakers. However, this is not always required for high-quality audio. You can replace the speaker in your car for $70 or $100, or you can purchase an entire component speaker with crossovers, tweeters, and subwoofers for $800.


A cracking sound from the car audio can ruin your mood, but with this article, you can simply learn how to fix a car speaker that crackles. If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments section below.



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