An Experience You Have Had With Cultural Tourism in Yunessun, Japan – The Best Experience

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When it comes to an experience you have had with cultural tourism, Yunessun is the right place for you to enjoy yourself. Yunessun is a hot spring recreation facility at Kowakien in Hakone. A favorite part of this hot spring park is that you can fully enjoy a hot bath in a bathing suit! There are many people who want to experience the typical hot springs of Japanese culture but are embarrassed to be naked in front of strangers.

Then Yunessun is an ideal place to help relieve your worries. So feel free to come here and enjoy yourself with your family, friends, lover, or spouse! In addition, you can come here empty-handed because here besides towels, there is also a rental service for bathing suits!

What kind of place is Yunessun?

Besides swimming pools or hot springs, Yunessun is famous for many unique baths such as wine baths, Japanese wine baths, coffee baths or green tea baths, etc.

an experience you have had with cultural tourism in Yunessun
An experience you have had with cultural tourism in Yunessun

There is also the Mori no Yu area where you can leisurely enjoy the hot springs without wearing a swimsuit, so for those of you who want to experience the 100% standard Japanese hot spring experience, it is recommended you should come to this area. Alternatively, you can easily get here by train from Tokyo and enjoy it as a day trip.

Unique features of Yunessun!

The Aegean Sea of ​​the Gods

In the “Aegean Sea of ​​the Gods” area, the sky with the image of the Mediterranean region is decorated on the ceiling, making you feel like you are in the comfort of this hot spring pool area. freely. In addition, every 30 minutes, there will be a performance held every 30 minutes, which is also a feature that is loved by many people here. A show of sound and light and soap bubbles popping up with live sound cues like thunder is sure to delight the little ones!

In addition, there are a number of events to enjoy with the whole family for a limited time, such as a shooting game that uses light rays, and more. Located right next to the “Aegean Sea of ​​the Gods” area, there is the restaurant “Fontana” where you can walk in with your bathing suit on. This is a very reasonable arrangement for you to take advantage of when you are naturally hungry but don’t want to change! This restaurant is sure to fill you up with snacks like pasta, salads, and drinks!

Cafe Bath

Cafe Bath in Yunessun, Japan
An experience you have had with cultural tourism in Cafe Bath, Yunessun, Japan

The only “Real Cafe Bathtub” extracted with hot water in Japan is a popular bath area. This cafe bath with its signature fragrance and rare colored appearance is a special experience only available at Yunessun. Besides, the event of pouring a large amount of Coffee into the tub by the staff is also something that many people look forward to when coming here. This is an area suitable for Vietnamese friends who have a love for cafes!

Wine bath

At the “Wine Bath” with its distinctive appearance of vibrant red, you can also enjoy the unique aroma of this type of bath. You can leisurely enjoy the continuous flow of wine from the large bottle on the wall. In addition, every day there is also an event to pour real wine directly into the tank.

In addition, Yunessun also has a variety of other unique baths that you will want to step into such as green tea baths or Japanese wine baths, and more. In addition, different varieties of baths are also available for a limited time according to seasons or events, such as ice baths in the summer and chocolate baths during Valentine’s Day, and more, so you can spend that time enjoying with your family or lover.

Wine bath
An experience you have had with cultural tourism in Yunessun

An experience you have had with cultural tourism in the outdoor area in Yunessun

In the outdoor area, there is an amusement water slide area. This is a popular amusement park to experience the thrill of sliding in fast-moving water! You can also enjoy 3 sliding doors with each slot having a different speed. The ram in Yunessun also has a bath in a cave and an “open-air bath” where you can take a bath while enjoying the scenery of Hakone. So, definitely come here to experience this summer until you are satisfied!


So here we have introduced you to “Yunessun”, a place where even the shy can come here to experience the hot spring culture in Japan. Besides the hot springs, there are also swimming pools and waterslides, as well as various types of baths that only Yunessun has. So, definitely come here to enjoy this summer!


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